Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

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Was The Other Driver Distracted? Contact An Experienced Terre Haute Distracted Driving Lawyer.


Are the laws tough enough on distracted drivers? Digital communication technology is always available, mere inches away from our fingertips at any given moment. In response to trends in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted driving, Indiana lawmakers took a stand years ago. The legislature passed a law in 2011 to penalize distracted drivers, such as those sending texts, surfing the internet, emailing, or playing with the radio in their vehicles.

Yet, the rate of accidents involving distracted driving has been rising steadily with every passing year. If you have been injured, you deserve to know your rights and what compensation you may be entitled to.

Stand Up For Your Right To Recovery


If you were injured in an auto accident, here are some steps we recommend you should take:


Call for medical attention.


Alert your insurance company of the accident.


Take photos of the incident, including the other driver’s license plate, photo identification, and your injuries, as these may all serve as evidence for your personal injury claim.


Ask witnesses for their contact information.


Do not sign or agree to any offer from the other driver or an insurer and do not provide recorded statements without first consulting with an attorney – the sooner, the better.

A prompt investigation may show that the other driver was using a cell phone at the time of the crash.

Some Facts About Distracted Driving

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What people commonly think of as driver distractions include texting, looking at the cell phone, looking at outside distractions, and using the navigation system. Other dangerous distractions include eating, self-grooming, and talking with passengers in the vehicle. Distracted driving accidents can lead to some of the most dangerous and deadly auto collisions. Even removing one’s attention from the road for just a few seconds has the potential to cause a car accident.

Our lengthy experience as personal injury lawyers in Terre Haute has provided us with insight into how to uncover evidence of distracted driving and bring injury claims and lawsuits for our client’s benefit.

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With eight decades of experience under our belts, handling a wide variety of personal injury and auto accident claims, we have the experience and the skill necessary to help you during this difficult time. McGlone Law is prepared to come to your assistance and help you seek the justice you deserve. To begin the recovery process, get prompt medical treatment and schedule a free case review with an attorney by calling 812-247-8416 or sending us an online inquiry.

Do not let anyone or anything block your path to recovery – let McGlone Law help.

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