Pedestrians may go about their business on the many Indiana sidewalks and streets worrying about nearby vehicles, and with good reason. Getting hit by a car could lead to a terrible injury and, possibly, a fatality. Incidents between pedestrians and vehicles are nothing new, but the problem now appears to be on the rise.

Dangers to Pedestrians

Sobering news came from the offices of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency reports that pedestrian fatalities in 2018 were the highest since 1990, an alarming trend. Many factors likely contribute to the increase in deaths, and some reasons might not be unexpected. Drivers that don’t watch where they are going, commit moving violations, or drive under the influence, could pose enormous risks.

Pedestrians must also adhere to smart safety steps. Walking around at night comes with added dangers because drivers might not see someone as easily. Jaywalking comes with dangers, whether doing so during the day or the evening. Pedestrians, like drivers, may put themselves at risk when under the influence. Crossing a busy street while intoxicated could lead to a regrettable accident.

Negligence, Accidents, and Insurance

When a driver’s negligence leads to a pedestrian’s injury, the pedestrian may have a civil claim. For example, a driver that goes through a stop sign and hits someone could likely face a credible negligence claim. If the driver carries liability insurance, then an injured pedestrian may file a claim. Interestingly, a pedestrian might use his or her auto liability policy to file a claim for uninsured motorist coverage if the injured party has a policy. Even though the pedestrian wasn’t driving, the incident remains an auto accident.

An attorney could represent pedestrians injured in car accidents. The attorney may negotiate with insurance companies on a client’s behalf.