As a motorcyclist, you need to recognize the myriad of risks you face every time you take to the road. From inclement weather to careless drivers and hectic traffic, motorcycle collisions occur for a host of reasons. On the road, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable and if you are seriously hurt in a crash, you need to look over all of your options as you try to piece your life back together.

By analyzing statistics on motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists can develop a clearer understanding of how widespread these crashes are and the impact of an accident.

Looking at Motorcyclist Injuries and Deaths

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that according to estimates, 84,000 motorcyclists sustained injuries in traffic accidents during 2019. In fact, this represents a 2% increase in comparison to 2018, when an estimated 82,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries in traffic crashes.

In 2019, more than 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents. Furthermore, the NHTSA reports that based on vehicle miles traveled, motorcyclist fatalities took place almost 29 times more often than those riding in passenger vehicles.

Other Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents

In 2019, 61% of motorcyclist fatalities occurred on urban roads and 66% took place outside of intersections. Moreover, 57% of motorcyclist deaths in 2019 took place during daylight hours and 97% occurred during clear or cloudy weather conditions.

Whether you ride a motorcycle during the day, at night, in a city or in a rural area, you could find yourself involved in a serious collision. If an accident happens because of a driver’s negligence, you need to examine your options.