Riding a motorcycle is a fun and freeing experience, but as a rider, you must remain vigilant about risks. For instance, you need to watch for any oncoming car or truck that drifts into your lane of traffic.

In this case, you should not drift into the left lane to avoid the vehicle for two important reasons. First, if the driver also corrects, it could lead to a head-on collision. Second, it makes liability issues more complicated after a crash, since you are occupying the wrong lane of traffic. Instead, try to slow down or pull off to the right.

Here are a few more motorcycle safety tips that can help you make the right decisions when sharing the road with passenger vehicles.

Choose a Reliable Helmet

Full-face helmets offer the most protection. In addition to protecting your head during a crash, they also protect your eyes from flying debris, which can cause a serious injury. In addition to a helmet, you should also have sturdy boots, jackets and pants to safeguard the rest of your body.

Avoid Riding in Bad Weather

Even the most experienced riders will encounter issues when riding in bad weather. When planning a trip, make sure you check out the weather forecast. If possible, postpone the trip to a more temperate day to ensure your safety and comfort.

Operate Your Motorcycle Defensively

Defensive riding entails remaining alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Scan the road for vehicles and potential hazards, make sure you are visible using reflective clothing and lights and never assume what another motorist might do, even if you have the right of way.

You cannot always avoid accidents, especially when you encounter a careless driver on the road. However, with safe behaviors, you can greatly mitigate your risk of a serious injury.