Confusion may reign after a car accident. Disagreements over fault often arise after the crash, and the negligent party could attempt to deflect blame. Evidence may prove vital to those seeking a fair and equitable settlement, but dashcam footage is not always available. If witnesses saw the crash, then the injured party could rely on their statements. However, collecting the accounts requires some effort.

Evidence and Liability Claims

Victims of negligent auto accidents may turn to the other party’s insurance company to file a claim. With uninsured or underinsured drivers, the victim usually files with his/her insurance policy. The insurance company then seeks to establish or deny liability about what happened during the claims adjustment process. An insurance adjuster might dispute some facts when dealing with the claimant or suggest liability is shared by both drivers. Providing credible witness statements could move things in the injured party’s favor.

Procuring contact information from witnesses helps the cause. The witnesses may provide testimony that supports the claimant’s version. In some cases, the witnesses may also have photographic or video evidence of the crash.

Perhaps there were several witnesses to the incident. Acquiring several witness statements along with any additional evidence might prove beneficial.

Working With an Attorney

Experience could factor heavily into successful insurance claim negotiations. An attorney brings that necessary experience to the table. Unfortunately, the claims process might not go as expected, and a lawsuit could become necessary. An attorney prepares a suit against the insurance company or the negligent driver from day one.

Our investigative team at McGlone Law obtains video evidence from nearby businesses or street cameras, contacts witnesses, and procures statements. We take pictures of the scene, reconstruct the accident, and procure any police photos taken at the time of the accident.

Additionally, we canvas the neighborhood or use technology to find witnesses, something that may be difficult for someone with a serious injury. We are experienced and thorough when questioning a witnesses. We ask questions to capture clearly what transpired and we know how to diffuse a hostile witness.

Evidence becomes necessary when attempting to prove fault for auto accidents. Witnesses may provide credible evidence, let our team take care of investigating the accident, dealing with witnesses, and fighting to win your case.