Indiana’s Good Samaritan Law states that any individual who comes into contact with another person at the scene of an accident or emergency situation and renders care is immune from any civil liability if a personal injury results from the interaction.

The Good Samaritan Law was put into place to protect citizens who have acted in good faith with the sole intention of helping another individual who may be in need. If you have rendered aid but the person in distress suffered a personal injury, you may still need to talk with a lawyer to protect your rights.

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What is a Good Samaritan?

A Good Samaritan is someone who stops to render aid to an accident victim or anyone else who may be involved in an emergency situation. As stipulated by the law, all aid must be administered at the scene where the emergency occurred. However, the individual responsible for the injury should not be the one assisting the victim. It should also be stated that if the injured person can communicate, they have the right to refuse help if they wish to do so.

Am I Legally Obligated to Render First Aid at the Scene of an Accident?

Another important provision in the Good Samaritan Law states that an individual is not legally obligated to render any first aid or other assistance at the scene of an accident or emergency and that you cannot be sued if you do offer assistance. The law makes it clear that all actions must be voluntary by the individual acting as a Good Samaritan.

Are There Exceptions to the Good Samaritan Law?

Good Samaritan laws do not apply to individuals who are employed as healthcare workers who are rendering aid as part of their job duties. In addition, if the aid rendered is deemed to be highly negligent and caused more harm to the victim, the Good Samaritan could face the possibility of a lawsuit. Finally, if specific legal criteria are met, a federal lawsuit could be filed against the Good Samaritan.

Can Your Law Firm Help Me if I Am Being Sued After Rendering Aid?

If you have acted as a Good Samaritan and rendered aid to an injury victim but are now facing a lawsuit, you must contact our law offices immediately. Our highly skilled lawyers will gladly review the facts of your case and determine the best course of legal action to assist you.

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