Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

Keep Your Footwear After a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip-and-fall accident is no laughing matter. A fall can inflict serious injuries such as broken bones or even a traumatic head injury. If you fall inside of a public store or business due to a hazardous situation, the property owner may be responsible. To avoid liability, the owner might argue that you bore the responsibility for your own fall.

You should hold on to any personal evidence from your injury. For example, your clothes may pick up evidence that points to negligence on the part of the owner. Additionally, your footwear may support your case.

The Role of Footwear in a Fall

According to the CDC, poor footwear may contribute to a fall. Some people wear old, worn-out shoes that fail to grip onto a surface. Weak heels may also cause someone to stumble. Additional causes of a fall include poor balance or effects from a medicine that causes dizziness. These factors may act solely or combine with poor footwear to cause a fall.

However, none of these issues may have contributed to your injury. Still, the owner may claim that you wore poor footwear which made you fall, and that no hazard existed to contribute to your injury. Preserving your footwear may help you counter such claims.

Your Footwear as Evidence

Your shoes may be in good condition, showing they were unlikely to contribute to your fall. Additionally, your footwear may also pick up evidence of the hazard that caused your injury. If a liquid was at fault, your shoes may carry a stain or an odor from the liquid. If a broken floor made you fall, your shoes might have debris or dust from the damaged area.

These examples show how your personal attire may refute unfair arguments that you are responsible for your injury. Depending on your case, other forms of evidence like witness testimony may assist you.

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