Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

Don’t Go It Alone, Call McGlone​

Should You Worry About Getting Doored?

Should You Worry About Getting Doored?

As a cyclist, you already have plenty to worry about. Between the aggression of drivers and how much trouble they have spotting cyclists, you have your work cut out for you.

But did you know that even a parked vehicle could pose danger to cyclists?

The Act of Dooring

Momentum Mag takes a look at the risks of getting doored. Dooring occurs when a driver or passenger in a parked car opens the door without checking to see if anyone is coming first. This results in them opening the door directly into the path of a cyclist, who may then hit it.

In some situations, cyclists do hit the door, which can either knock them off their bikes or send them flying. Depending on the speed they hit the door among other factors, they could get launched far enough or land hard enough that they break or fracture their bones. They could even suffer from head injuries despite wearing helmets.

The Biggest Risks

But of course, the bigger danger happens when a cyclist ends up knocked into the road, or if they swerve instinctively and end up swerving into traffic. In these situations, a cyclist is at risk of getting hit by another driver who does not have the time to stop. This can result in extremely severe or even deadly injuries.

Unfortunately, dooring can happen to anyone, even if a cyclist takes all the right steps to make themselves as visible as possible. The best way to avoid it is for cyclists to avoid hugging cars wherever possible, and for drivers to always look before opening their doors.

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