A lot of individuals in Indiana and throughout the United States purchase products on Amazon. However, not all items on the website are safe and may cause a person to sustain an injury. Amazon doesn’t feel that it needs to issue recalls on these types of products, but the U.S. Product Safety Agency is trying to change all of this. The organization is suing Amazon in hopes that the company will change its practices. Here’s what you should know about this lawsuit.

How Amazon is Different From Other Retailers

Amazon hasn’t had to deal with defective product liability in the past. Amazon sees itself as just a marketplace that shouldn’t have to be responsible for products being sold on its website by a third party. The U.S. Product Safety Agency’s lawsuit is meant to protect consumers. The organization wants Amazon to have accountability for the products that are sold on its website. According to the agency, consumers should be able to trust that they aren’t putting themselves in harm’s way just by purchasing a particular product.

What Amazon Has to Say

Amazon is fighting back against this lawsuit. The company says that it isn’t a distributor and shouldn’t have to issue recalls for faulty products. According to Amazon, it is simply an online platform that connects consumers to sellers and their products, so it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure that their items aren’t defective before purchasing them.

If it’s found that Amazon is responsible for defective products, the company will have to change some of its business practices. However, it may take quite some time for the courts to make a decision in this case.