An Experienced Lawyer Can Lift Your Load And Steer Your Injury Claim In The Right Direction

Some people believe the way to get compensation after a car accident or a slip-and-fall injury is to file a claim directly with the appropriate insurance company. This may seem like a way to avoid incurring legal expenses. However, the average person is no match for insurance companies that deny, delay and undervalue legitimate claims against insurance policies.

If you try to get help through an insurance company, don’t be surprised if you encounter roadblocks such as endless paperwork to complete and no answers to your phone calls. An experienced personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, can offer the benefit of knowledge, skills and experience that “ordinary people” typically lack.

In business since 1964, McGlone Law offers our clients services and effective representation in the following ways:

  • We conduct thorough investigations.
  • We hire accident reconstruction specialists and other experts as necessary to build strong cases for our clients.
  • We review medical records and communicate with medical providers, taking burdens from our clients’ shoulders.
  • In the case of catastrophic injuries, we consult with lifecare planners who help us quantify the compensation that our clients will need for a lifetime.
  • We analyze cases in terms of legal precedents and laws that help prepare us to present our clients’ cases to claims adjusters, juries and judges.
  • We prepare every case as if for trial, and with this approach, most cases settle before going to trial, which preserves more resources for our clients. Whenever necessary, we take cases before juries and judges.
  • We take into account special factors such as evidence of distracted driving or the particulars of ridesharing companies’ insurance policies that may have an impact on our clients’ cases.
  • We answer questions from our clients and their families, and keep them informed at every step of each case.
  • We reassure clients of the progress in their cases and demonstrate the fact that we truly care – and let clients observe how our care and skills translate to results for them.

We Welcome The Opportunity To Discuss Your Case

A lawyer from McGlone Law can explain in personalized terms the many ways in which we can help you when you are ready to pursue compensation after an accidental injury. Call 812-247-8416 or email us to request your free consultation.