If another driver is being irresponsible on the road, you could end up with a wrecked vehicle and injuries from an auto accident. Given that you are not at fault, you should understand how to protect your rights if the other driver tries to blame you for the collision.

In the event you cannot seek damages through mediation, you may go to court. By taking crucial steps shortly after the accident, you stand a good chance of showing that you deserve compensation.

Contact the police

U.S. News and World Report explain that if you call the police, an officer will arrive on the scene and write up a report which may clear you of responsibility for the collision. Contacting the police is especially important if you or anyone involved in the accident has suffered an injury.

Gather evidence on the scene

With your smartphone, you can take pictures of your vehicle and the one that hit you. Be sure to record the license plate of the other automobile. In addition, you should capture images of the overall environment, including street signs and physical landmarks.

Witnesses to the accident may support your claim. Ask them for contact information so you can speak to them later about providing statements.

Undergo a medical exam

Even if you walk away from the collision with little to no pain, do not assume that you got lucky. Experiencing a sudden impact can inflict hidden injuries that do not produce symptoms until hours or days later. An examination from your doctor may reveal your true condition.

Do not accept a quick settlement

The insurance company for the other driver will probably be eager to write you a quick check. However, you need to know the full extent of your injuries and vehicle damage. If you sign a release form too early, you will not have the opportunity to pursue damages that you learn about later on.

Basic steps such as these may hold the key to securing a positive outcome following an auto accident.