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What Does a Frontal Lobe Injury Look Like?

What Does a Frontal Lobe Injury Look Like?

After getting into a crash, it is possible for the frontal lobe to end up injured. It is important for the victim to understand the implications of this sort of injury.

What changes happen after an injury to the frontal lobe? What should a person dealing with this type of injury expect moving forward?

What the Frontal Lobe Manages

Physiopedia discusses the impact of injury on the frontal lobe and how it manifests in other areas of a victim’s life. The frontal lobe includes many cortexes that control different functions of the body and brain. This includes the prefrontal cortex, the motor and premotor cortexes, Broca’s Area, the frontal eye fields and more.

These affect or directly control many things, such as a person’s impulse control, abstract thinking, working memory, speech and voluntary movement motor control, voluntary scanning eye movements and more.

Effects Victims Experience

Thus, the effects a victim will experience after injury to this area often reflects the above. For example, the loved ones of many victims state that their personality seems to change after the incident, with the victim growing more erratic and seeming easier to agitate.

In other cases, the victim has to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate for memory troubles. Though the memory issues clear up for many people, some have to live with these alterations for the duration of their life.

Victims may have to adjust many parts of their life to suit the changes that happen due to a frontal lobe injury. For that reason among others, it is important that they understand what these injuries look like and how they interact with the brain from the offset.

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