Indiana has some notoriously sweltering summertime temperatures. In fact, according to Weather Spark, the state capital’s average high temperature does not drop below 80 degrees until well into September. Staying cool and drinking enough fluids are only part of staying safe when temperatures are searing.

You also must be careful when driving near semi-trucks. After all, the 18 tires on these commercial vehicles are more vulnerable to blowouts during hot weather. A tire blowout, of course, may cause a semi-truck to go out of control.

Why Does Heat Cause Blowouts?

Manufacturers of semi-truck tires make their products capable of withstanding thousands of travel miles. Still, tractor-trailer tires are mostly rubber, a substance that tends to stretch and degrade when it is in extreme temperatures. In fact, heat can cause tire treads to separate, weak spots to appear and even tires to unseat from rims.

How Do Truckers Keep You Safe?

When testing for their commercial driver’s licenses, truckers must demonstrate their knowledge of heat and tire damage. On the road, these drivers should put this knowledge to work to protect you. Specifically, they should regularly inspect their tires during hot weather to identify potential weak spots and other concerns.

How Can Truckers Put You at Risk?

Because of driver shortages across the country, commercial drivers are busier than ever. To meet tight pickup and drop-off deadlines, drivers may neglect necessary tire inspections. This puts you in danger, as a tire blowout can cause an accident that catastrophically injures you.

Ultimately, if you sustain a life-altering injury because of a heat-damaged semi-truck tire, you may be able to seek financial compensation from the driver, trucking company, tire manufacturer or someone else.