Motorcyclists often face dangers on the road that other drivers do not even stop to consider. For example, even taking a turn could lead to negative consequences for a motorcyclist.

In particular, one type of turn holds a higher risk factor than the other. Turning left can end up putting a motorcyclist in peril before they even know it.

Heightened Risks of Left Turns

The NHTSA discusses some of theĀ biggest dangers for motorcyclists. This includes left turns. Statistics show that up to 53 percent of crossing-path motorcycle crashes involve a left turn. Comparatively, only 6 percent of these crashes involve right turns.

In short, turning left will result in over ten times the risk of getting involved in a crash as turning right.

Generally speaking, right-hand turns seem safer due to the fact that it involves no crossing of other lanes or streams of traffic. Right turns are relatively straightforward and low risk.

Sources of Left-turn Problems

On the other hand, motorcycle drivers have to be wary of cars in the opposite lane when taking left turns. On top of that, they need to keep an eye on their left as well, to ensure that no one tries to overtake them in their lane before they can make a turn.

The general low visibility of motorcycles compared to other drivers adds to the risk of crashing in any situation. However, motorcycles turning left can easily end up in the path of a right-turning car, which can result in a crash just as quickly.

Any turn should happen with a measure of care. However, motorcyclists taking left turns should pay special mind to the vehicles around them before going for it.