In the aftermath of a crash, details often get a little muddied. It is not uncommon for parties to end up arguing with one another, disputing each other’s recounting of the events as they occurred.

Moments like these are where evidence comes in handy, such as dashcam footage or photographs and videos of the scene of the wreck in the direct aftermath. Witness statements also pack a helpful punch, but you must put in some work to get them.

Providing Evidence When Pursuing Compensation

The Department of Justice discusses various types of witnesses and the statements they make. First, witness statements prove a valuable piece of evidence when pursuing damages from the responsible party. Sometimes, witnesses even have the photographic or video evidence that you may lack.

The first thing you want to do is try to collect witnesses when you are at the scene of the crash itself, directly in the aftermath. If uninjured and able to do so, consider speaking to anyone nearby who seemed to have witnessed the wreck and ask for their information.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that far ahead in the aftermath of a crash. Getting into an accident can rattle even the most unshakeable person. This is also where having legal aid can come in handy.

Tracking Down Witnesses

The right legal team knows how to track down witnesses in the aftermath of a crash, as well as using available footage from nearby street cameras or businesses. Tracking down witnesses after the crash has already happened is often difficult for individuals working on their own. But for a legal team with the right resources and power, this is a matter they can handle with relative ease.