Those from Terre Haute, Indiana, know the dangers of I-70. While safe driving goes a long way in avoiding motor vehicle accidents, I-70 still manages to take the lives of many drivers and passengers.

Unfortunately, many do not take the dangers of I-70 seriously until an accident happens to them.

Why is I-70 Dangerous?

The stretch of I-70 between Terre Haute and Indianapolis is rural and contains only two lanes, while shared by countless passenger vehicles and semi-trucks with speed limits at about 70 mph. According to the Tribune-Star, many locals avoid I-70 due to the dangers. In fact, in the last decade, school buses were pulled from I-70 due to hazards.

Many expect the danger to increase because of the growth of the Terre Haute region. A new convention center and casino may attract about 1.5 million visitors to Terre Haute, increasing traffic on the highway.

What Can Increase the Safety of I-70?

According to WTHI, 82 crashes occurred in 2020 between MM 1 and MM 59. Eighteen of the crashes resulted in injuries and 4 fatalities. Most believe that a third lane could be a gamechanger for I-70. Unfortunately, the addition’s timing is still up in the air.

INDOT data shows that about 33,600 vehicles pass through Exit 7 and Exit 11 on I-70 every day. To create a safer highway, drivers need to pay special attention to the posted speed limits—distractions on a dangerous stretch of highway increase the likelihood of fatal crashes. During inclement weather and traffic jams, drivers may want to avoid this stretch of the highway entirely.