The warm-weather season brings a rush to get boats back in the water. While you may enjoy spending time on Indiana lakes, you may also find yourself a boating accident victim.

As the temperature rises, so do the number of boaters. How can you keep yourself and others safe while enjoying time on the water? Discover some of the most common accidents you may face when partaking in this popular summer pastime.

What is the top cause of boating accidents?

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol use remains the top cause of boating accidents. This includes accidental drownings from intoxicated passengers falling overboard. Ensure that at least one adult remains sober while out on the water. Another leading contributor to accidents is operator error. This often includes someone with little or no experience making a mistake behind the wheel that proves costly. Other causes include:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Weather and other environmental factors
  • A disregard for surroundings
  • Failure to prepare

What happens if you get hurt?

Getting injured on the water may mean life or death in certain circumstances. Depending on the cause of the accident and the surroundings, you may have to wait for help to arrive. It is crucial to remain diligent when stocking the boat with safety gear well in advance of departure. That way, in the event of an accident or injury, you may have a chance to mitigate the damage until you arrive back to shore.

If you find yourself in a sticky boating situation, your medical care should remain the focus. Getting help with financial compensation may require assistance from someone with knowledge of navigating the system.