Given that motorcycles are smaller vehicles, you have to be extra alert when you take your motorcycle out for a ride. Many cyclists suffer auto accidents because a car driver was not watching for small vehicles like motorcycles. For instance, you may be riding in a lane when suddenly, another car shifts into your lane and hits you.

As Ride Apart explains, there are some signs that another vehicle is about to turn out of one lane and into another. If you recognize these signs, you might be able to avoid a tragic outcome by taking appropriate action to avoid the turning vehicle.

A vehicle puts on a turn signal

Perhaps the most obvious sign that a motorist wants to switch lanes is when the driver activates a turn signal. If you see a car with a blinking arrow that points to your lane, you know to adjust your speed to avoid a possible collision with the turning vehicle.

A vehicle wanders in its lane

A car in a parallel lane might start shifting within the lane. The driver is likely looking to change lanes and wants to make sure that there are no nearby vehicles before turning into the lane. The driver is probably also checking the vehicle mirrors. However, do not assume the driver sees you, especially if you are in or close to the automobile’s blind spot.

A vehicle turns its tires

If you spot a car’s front tires turning in your direction, a lane change may be imminent. This is a good time to ready yourself to slow down or take other corrective actions if the motorist does not see you and begins to make a turn that could collide with you.

Be aware of your environment

Even if you do not notice a car giving off signs of a lane change, it does not mean you might not suddenly encounter a car shifting into your lane. Take note of a nearby lane with slow-moving traffic. The drivers in that lane may desire to be in your lane, so the chances of lane changers will increase.

It is not always possible to avoid an accident, but practicing alert driving might help you avoid an unnecessary collision or prevent a crash from turning fatal. If you have done your part to drive safely, there should be no doubt that a negligent party bears responsibility for your injuries.