If a driver makes an obscene gesture in your direction, that person may be engaging in road rage. The same may be true if that motorist is yelling in your direction or pounding on his or her vehicle’s dashboard. Read on to take a look at why people get angry while driving on Indiana roads.

Individuals Don’t Give Themselves Enough Time to Reach Their Destination

A person who is late for work, school or some other event may not take kindly to being stuck in traffic. The stress of potentially not making it to a given destination on time can be enough to cause that individual to lash out at others whether they deserve it or not.

Some Drivers Just Don’t Care About Others

Those who have a lack of empathy don’t believe that other individuals are important or deserve to be treated with respect. Ultimately, they don’t care if other motorists are emotionally or physically hurt by their words and actions. In some cases, self-centered people believe that they don’t have to follow the rules of the road or otherwise take action to avoid harming others.

Motorists Feel Invisible in Their Cars

Individuals may feel as if they can’t be seen while in their cars. Therefore, they may be more likely to yell, scream or otherwise take actions that they would likely refrain from taking while at work or out in public.

Those who engage in road rage may be subject to civil or criminal penalties, especially if their actions lead to a motor vehicle accident. If you are a victim of road rage, it is generally in your best interest to call 911 instead of trying to directly interact with an aggressive individual. It may also be a good idea to contact an attorney.