Everyone in Indiana knows Amazon. It’s the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon stocks thousands of products, and independent sellers are able to sell there, too. People know that if they’re looking for something, Amazon is the likeliest place to find it. What they may not understand is that Amazon doesn’t take responsibility for the safety of the things sold on its website. Politicians are starting to ask serious questions about that.

Who is Liable for Defects?

Some Democrats in the House of Representatives are concerned about the defective products currently selling on Amazon.com. They’ve noticed that even Amazon’s in-house brands like Amazon Basics have exploded or started fires in users’ homes. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois is the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee Chair. Along with Frank Pallone Jr of New Jersey, she is pushing the company to answer questions about who inspects the products for sale on the website.

So far, Amazon is reluctant to take responsibility. While they delete offending products, this can actually make it harder to hold bad sellers accountable. Regulators would like to see more cooperation from Amazon. If they can’t send inspectors to find out who is making and selling dangerous items, the sellers may simply re-launch elsewhere. Congress started to look into Amazon more closely after a CNN report that found dozens of defective goods being sold on the site. Smoking, melting electrical hazards have to be taken seriously.

Product liability lawsuits are one way to hold businesses accountable for unsafe items. Anyone who has dealt with injury or property loss due to a dangerous consumer product should talk to an experienced lawyer. Attorneys can help people understand if they have a claim worth pursuing and what kinds of damages they may be eligible to receive.