Most drivers learn to drive defensively in order to stay safe while on the road. One of the best ways to increase a person’s defensive driving is by them familiarizing themselves with the top ways a driver can get into a crash.

Today, certain risks present a bigger or more prevalent hazard than others. It is important to understand these hazards in order to make good and safe driving choices.

Distractions and Duis

Huff Post examines some of the most common causes for crashes today. Many of the top causes likely ring a bell, as they garner much media attention. For example, distracted driving ranks as the top cause, which includes issues like texting while driving and drowsy driving. It also includes other behaviors that take one’s eyes off the road, like grooming, applying makeup or even eating or drinking.

Drunk or intoxicated driving serves as another well-known cause of crashes, and unfortunately, it still takes a large number of lives annually to this very day.

Other causes mentioned in the article might seem a little more surprising, but still somewhat expected. For example, night driving can cause many crashes due to low visibility. The same applies to rain. Problems with the road or the vehicle may also create hazards, such as a tire blowout or potholes in the road.

Driver Behavior

Finally, driver behaviors can make an impact on crash statistics. Aggressive driving, tailgating, reckless driving, running red lights, speeding and taking improper turns can all contribute to an oncoming crash.

By understanding these facets that may potentially lead to crashes, drivers can take actions to avoid them, thus making the road safer on a whole for everyone.